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We are company close specialises in deep cleaning using the

Power of steam.



Steam Power Excellence Ltd. is a Professional deep cleaning and disinfection specialist. Since 2010 Steam Power Excellence Ltd. is providing cleaning innovations to the domestic and office cleaning services market. Steam Power Excellence Ltd. combine the standard cleaning methods with modified (applicable for domestic cleaning) heavy duty industrial cleaning methods and professional dry vapour disinfection finish.

The use of dry vapour steam is giving us great flexibility reaching impossible for the regular cleaning areas and significant lower the time for execution. Human power resource is also reduced. The final result is leaving extremely high quality and lifting the cleaning standards to a next level.

Replacing the standard cleaning methods with more advanced and machine involved, gives us the opportunity to offer very competitive prices for all our services.  

Steam Power Excellence Ltd. provide full range of services from One-off Spring Cleaning to Complete Professional End of Tenancy cleaning services, Professional Carpet  and Upholstery cleaning and Regular Support cleaning for share houses.

Steam Power Excellence Ltd. provide also, Exterior and Patio cleaning services, Gardening and Rubbish removal services.

Steam Power Excellence Ltd. use professional dry vapour steam cleaners working on high pressure and temperatures over 160oC, heavy duty professional carpet steam cleaners and professional heavy duty industrial chemicals.To all our staff is given professional induction for health and safety, technical knowledge and training for professional use of all equipment.      

Steam Power Excellence Ltd. stands behind all successfully completed jobs and guarantee full customer  satisfaction.  


How does the steam work?Under high pressure and temperature, the steam penetrates much deeper into a material, breaking down and lifting the layers of dirt which then get trapped into a special microfiber cloth.

Does the steam damage the fiber? Each fabric has his own characteristic and can be treated at different pressures and temperatures, as a result of this each machine is professionally set at the correct pressure and temperature by a fully trained member of staff.

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